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Attention to Detail

From the very start, it has always been the attention to details that sets Pennywell Events apart. Ensuring that no wedding ever feels "cookie cutter" and always feels unique and personal to each couple. Every couple I get the opportunity to work with has their own individual, unique love story, and I feel it is my job to help them show that to their loved ones on their big day. Whether I get to help plan from the beginning or simply get to work as their Day-of-Coordinator, I always want to make sure my couples feel like they are getting me on a personal level, finding out about them and getting to know what they want for their day to make their wedding feel like an extension and true expression of their unique relationship. I have a bucket list a mile long of wedding ideas that I would love to get the opportunity to work on, but I have to wait until that couple needs my services. I hope you all enjoy this video and all the extraordinary photos from IYQ Photography.

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