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  • I’ve been in the wedding business since 2013.

  • After I planned my own wedding in 2011, I just wanted to do more wedding planning any way that I could. So, I became an assistant to other wedding planners and learned all that I could.

  • I've planned more than 50 weddings under my own company and have even expanded to have Associate Planners and Assistants to be able to take on more weddings and be there for even more couples.

  • I’ve done countless hours of research on wedding traditions old and new and why they are significant in their own time and how they can be adapted and even improved to make them personal to each of my clients.

  • I’ve attended workshops to learn from the industry’s best leaders and taken the time to learn and grow in a few different areas that are important to both myself and my clients, topics ranging from LGBTQ+ weddings to the all important Wedding Day Timeline.

  • I’ve made my own mistakes throughout my time as a planner and I always make sure to use them as way to learn and do better for my clients in the future. I want to help you to avoid the obvious mistakes and to have a plan no matter how the day rolls.

What Qualifies Me to Help with Your Wedding?

You’re a New Orleans based wedding planner; do you only consult on New Orleans weddings?

No, I can help you to plan your wedding no matter where you are located. I have a specific set of knowledge for New Orleans weddings, but my expertise does not stop where the jazz bands end.

After we do a Wedding Consultation with you, what happens after?

Throughout the call, I’ll be taking notes about everything, so that when I go back, I make sure not to miss anything you said or any questions you had for me. I’ll put together all of my notes in conjunction with the answers I have for you, some you’ll have immediately on the call, but it’s always nice to have it in writing to reference back to later. I’ll send over any resources that I may have that would benefit you. If there are vendors that I think you would enjoy working with or even other planners, I’ll send those over as well. I’ll put it all together for you in one nice big wedding presentation for you and email it over.  

What should we use the Wedding Consulting Call for?

  • Budget estimations – realistic costs based on my experiences (some states may have drastically different pricing, but at least we can start with a basic pricing idea)

  • Timeline breakdown and how to make one that makes sense for you and your vendors

  • A vendor booking schedule and what vendors you really need based on what you want for your wedding

  • Discussing your ceremony from start to finish, including everyone involved from moms to officiant

Can we use the Consultation call as a way to see if you’re the right fit for us as a coordinator?

Absolutely you can! I go into these calls with no expectation that you will hire me for anything more than the hour that we spend together on the phone call. I simply want to give you the tools and knowledge to feel at ease about planning your event whether I am your planner/coordinator or not.

I will also reach out to my community of wedding coordinators and planners to send you qualified leads, if you want a coordinator and I’m not available or the right fit.

I can also consult and guide those who have hired a Day-of-Coordinator that perhaps does not step in to start their duties until closer to the event date, if you have planning questions ahead of their coordination start.

What does this cost?

The total cost is $150, which includes the one-hour call and an hour to put together the full presentation with my notes, answers, and custom resources for you.

How Do I Book this service?

Please hit the button below to fill out my Wedding Consulting Contact form below.

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