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Wedding and Event Planning with Pennywell Events is

a coutureexperience

There is no task that is too big or too small to make your wedding amazing!

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We Offer multiple levels of service and we are always happy to customize a plan with you in mind. Your love story doesn't look like anyone else's, why should your wedding or your wedding planning?

We want to remind the world that your Engagement and planning your wedding is supposed to be fun and we are here to make sure that is exactly the experience you get because that is what you deserve!

Check out our levels of service and see what feels like the best fit for your needs.

A Bride and her bride posing after their wedding ceremony in a New Orleans courtyard

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Full Service 
Wedding Planning


Full Planning is best suited for any couple that has perhaps recently gotten engaged and needs help from the start or those with an already full schedule with work and everyday life who just may not have the time to dedicate to researching and planning on their own.

We are there to listen to your vision and help to find you a short list of the best venues that fit your criteria but that are also going to allow you to stay within your budget. We set up venue tours, either in person or virtually depending on your schedule, and work to get you the answers you need to make the decision based on available dates and the specific items that are important to you.


There is more time and effort dedicated specifically to your wedding to ensure that the planning is being handled even when you may not have the time. We curate a list of vendors specifically for you based on your desires and needs, assist you in booking all of your vendors from music and photography to rentals and transportation. We also work with each of your vendors to coordinate the events leading up to your wedding and the wedding day itself.

Full Planning services start at $5500-$7000, depending on what is needed from each individual couple for their wedding.

Full Planning
A Bride and Groom kiss in front of the altar surrounded by flowers

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Partial Service 
Wedding Planning


Partial Wedding Planning is best suited for the couples that have already booked their venue and their wedding date. They have booked their top priority vendors such as caterer, photographer, musicians and/or florist.

Typically, this is the plan couples pick when they start out strong in the planning process but it becomes too overwhelming for them to sustain either due to scheduling/timing restraints or simply overwhelming stress trying to do it all. That’s where we would step in to help to get the Couple to the wedding day with less stress and a personalized resource guide put together specifically for their event and their needs.

Partial Wedding Planning services range from $4000-$5500.

Newlyweds dancing with their parasols in the street of New Orleans after finishing their wedding day second line parade with the brass band

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Partial Planning



Event Management, also commonly referred to as

Month-of or Day-of-Coordination, is the level of service we recommend for those couples that have or plan to book all of their vendors on their own and do most of the planning themselves, but really would love for someone to step in toward the end to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and be there to make the wedding weekend run smoothly.

Event Management services range from $2500-4000.

Newlywed couple kissing in front of their wedding reception dinner tables decorated with purple flowers and ivory candle sticks

Silver Loop Studios

Event Management



As a human, I can only be in one place at a time. I would love to be a part of everyone’s wedding day and be there for them as an advocate to ensure that everything runs smoothly, but until they are able to clone myself and my knowledge, I’ll have to settle for one wedding at a time. However, being that I have all of this knowledge about weddings and I can’t take it all to the grave one day, I would love to share my knowledge with you to help your wedding planning go a little easier, hopefully a lot less stressful, and give you the guidance you need to not feel insane throughout the whole process. So, I am here to give you the option to pick my brain and use the experiences and know-how that I have living rent free in my head to benefit you.

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