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Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner, Anyway?

For many couples, the idea of a wedding surrounded by love and support from friends and family is a dream. The reality of planning such an event is downright daunting.

A wedding is typically the single biggest event/party you will ever plan. There are lots of moving parts and details and lots and lots of questions. The problem starts when you realize that the stress of planning is starting to effect your daily lives and your relationship. And don't let anyone fool you, planning a wedding is stressful. When you consider the fact that you are balancing your daily life budget, your wedding budget, the expectations of friends and now two merging families; it's enough to make any sane person lose their cool.

That's where I come in, the Wedding Planner. I come in with this set of tools and skills to give you a sense of relief and the knowledge and backing of some really amazing quality vendors to help. I am there to answer your random questions that are keeping you lying awake at night and reassure you that, no, you are not insane or a "bridezilla" (what an ugly phrase). I am there to guide you in a steady pace to make sure that the details that are truly important to you are getting included. That the vendors you most want, like the photographer you love on Instagram or having a second line parade through the New Orleans French Quarter to celebrate your new marriage, are all things that not only can be done but also done without you losing your mind in the process.

In a way, I become your personal wedding Google for the questions you have and the vendors you need. Because no one really has the time to sit and sift through the 18 pages of caterers on WeddingWire or The Knot and read through every review. I can help to guide you to the vendors that not only are in your budget but also that are of quality and the style you have in mind for your wedding. Some of my couples love the idea of their guests experiencing New Orleans cuisine, whereas other couples may want something more bohemian and fun and not so much worried about the historic foods but what is fresh and innovative.

So once I put together an easy to follow plan for getting your wedding vendors, making sure that you have everything you need and want your wedding to be for you, as the couple, as well as your friends and new larger family, then it's a matter of letting you enjoy your day and letting me "steer the ship". You work hard to make sure that your wedding is exactly as you want with making decisions together for months or even years, why not let me take care of the day and tackle whatever needs attention.

So I guess the question of "Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner, Anyway?" is more of an answer that looks like "Why don't you need a wedding planner?". You deserve to have that personalized help and support, and then you and your fiance' can actually enjoy your engagement without the stress. Knowing that you have someone there for you working hard in the background to ensure that your wedding day is memorable and fun.

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