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2025 Wedding and Event Planning and Coordination in New Orleans

For a lot of Couples that we are talking with lately that are planning from outside of the New Orleans area, there is one thing that we make sure to remind them of for spring 2025 weddings when they are looking at dates and venues; New Orleans has a lot on their calendar, so picking the right date is crucial to your wedding success. We wanted to give you a few major dates for the city and to offer our wedding and event planning and coordination services to help those still looking for a date and a venue.

bride and groom during wedding second line parade

Major Dates:

Sunday, February 9, 2025 - Super Bowl Sunday

Tuesday, March 4, 2025 - Mardi Gras Day

Monday, March 17, 2025 - Saint Patrick's Day

Thursday, April 10 - Sunday, April 13, 2025 - French Quarter Festival

Thursday, April 24, 2025 – Sun, May 4, 2025 - Jazz Fest (back to back weekends)

For those that have never been to or experienced Mardi Gras, it is not a one day event or "festival" for New Orleans, it is a season, it starts Saturday, January 6, 2025 and parades and festivities roll on through Tuesday, March 4, 2025, and not just on the weekends. But there is not much downtime even after Mardi Gras Day 2025, because the Saint Patrick's Day Parades roll the following weekend and the Saint Joseph's Day Parade the weekend after that. A few weeks later starts "Festival Season" with French Quarter Fest leading the spring/summer fest schedule around the city. Throughout the year, New Orleans holds more than 130 unique festivals and the state of Louisiana hold more than 400 annually.

New Orleans festivals

If your wedding is taking place in the French Quarter, these are VERY important dates to make note of. It will affect the price of hotels and flights for your guests, as well as, affect the ability of your vendors to get to your event and set-up. The other important note is that if you are wanting to do a Second Line Parade for your event, the city permit office will NOT issue permits 2 weeks out from Mardi Gras (that's February 18, 2025 thru March 4, 2025). However, being that the Super Bowl is Feb 9th, the city may limit the amount or deny all of second line parade permits leading up to the Super Bowl weekend because the city will have a huge influx of people coming in and there will be the need for all NOPD and NOSD personnel to be on duty at that time.

a wedding second line through the New Orleans French Quarter

Here is the full list of parades for the New Orleans area for the 2025 Mardi Gras Season.

Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule
Mardi Gras 2025 Parade Schedule

Thankfully is a fantastic resource to get the full parade schedules that we have listed here and they do tend to keep the information updated as much as they can throughout the season.

Here is the good news, that parade schedule looks daunting to some, but for us, we know exactly how to make it all work, so if you want to have a wedding during Mardi Gras Season or Festival Season, we know the locations, routes and vendors to call on to give you the wedding you have been dreaming of and the weekend fun that your guests will never forget!

Still wondering if we're being serious? Amanda and Kyle's wedding was the same weekend of Jazz Fest that the Rolling Stones were playing.

Wedding Ceremony at Margaret Place in New Orleans
Newlyweds after their wedding ceremony at Margaret Place in New Orleans
Newlyweds doing their wedding second line parade in New Orleans
Wedding Reception at Margaret Place in New Orleans
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