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Adding a Personal Feel to Your Ceremony

So You're thinking of having a close friend or family member Officiate your wedding ceremony, but Are Unsure of how to get it done?

So many of my weddings are officiated by a close friend, family member, or long-time friend of the couple. These are the most personal ceremonies to the couple becasue it creates a life-long bond between the start of their marriage and that special person. So, let's talk about how to get that person ordained and registered in Louisiana to be able to legally perform your wedding ceremony.

What are the Wedding Officiant Registration Requirements in Louisiana?

Registration Office: Parish Clerk of Court

The Louisiana Revised Statutes § 9:202 requires that all wedding officiants must register with the Parish Clerk of Court in the Parish where the wedding will take place. 

A "Parish" is Louisiana's version of a "County".

Officiant registration is done by Parish and all parishes require registration. Successful registration in one Parish only gives you permission to perform marriage in that Parish. If you plan on officiating another wedding somewhere else in Louisiana, you will also have to register with their Parish Clerk of Court's office.

Orleans Parish includes:

the French Quarter, Warehouse District, the Garden District, Treme', City Park, Bywater, and Bayou St. John to name a few.

Approximate Cost: $50


Here's the plan for Weddings in Orleans Parish:

1. You'll need a copy of your driver's license or ID to turn in with everything

2. Go to one of these websites, the American Marriage Ministries or Universal Life Church, and get online ordained:

3. Go to this link, from the Louisiana Department of Health and Services, it's a PDF, have a notary watch you sign it and stamp it, bring that with you to turn in to the Orleans Parish Offices.

When you get into New Orleans, you'll bring all of that to the offices at :

Benson Tower

1450 Poydras St, Suite 407

New Orleans, LA 70112

That's it, then you are ordained to perform any marriage in Orleans Parish.


If you have more questions or if you are looking for a Wedding Planner or Coordinator for your 2024 or 2025 wedding, you can cocntact us and check out our availability calendar here:

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