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Wedding Florals Stressing You Out? Here is a Beautiful Solution!

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

As any Bride will tell you, flowers are an expense that they just did not anticipate the actual price of when envisioning their dream wedding. The flowers at your wedding do make quite the impact whether you go minimal or flowers to the max. The flowers also tell a story, a narrative, if you will, to your guests on how you want them to feel when they see your wedding ceremony and reception. Is the focus on just your bouquet, the big, important centerpiece to accentuate your wedding dress? Or did you go minimal, perhaps a few single roses bundled and tied together for that classic statement of minimalism? And to all the florists reading this, I now owe you all an apology for my personal romanticism and adding such a big weight to what you do everyday. But let's be honest, even as kid, playing dress up, you always held flowers, even if they were plucked from the front yard. They are such an integral part of our vision of a wedding ceremony.

So now to the fun part, not just deciding on your flowers for your wedding, but the overall vision while also keeping in mind that you did not win the lottery last week, so you have a budget you need to stick to for your wedding florals. Do you want to go all real flowers, half real and half silk, or all silk flowers? And before you go "no, never FAKE flowers" keep in mind, that the silk and foam flowers of today are not the same as they were at weddings 20years ago. Honestly, in photos, you cannot tell the real from the silk (from certain companies, sorry box retail floral department you're still living on that prayer with Bon Jovi's 80s hair).

I'll show you flowers from past weddings, both real and silk flowers with the clear understanding that I have many talents in this world, but florals are not one of them. Hire a professional whether it is for real or silk, but you absolutely do not want me arranging your wedding flowers.

So how do you combat the sticker shock of wedding florals? First is to have a plan in place for yourself when talking with your florist in regards to your top priorities and your actual floral budget. Tell them your vision, tell them your budget, and then ask them to guide you. Most of my most trusted florists are true visionaries that can take your "greenery, pops of color, and an outdoor feel" description and turn it into the "Southern Garden Party" vibe that you were dreaming of. Those same professionals can guide you toward what will make the biggest impact in your vision and they'll even help you to make the best financial sense of your wedding floral dreams.

For example, I had one bride in 2022 that really wanted big statement pieces since the venue was a large, expansive room. The florist was able to provide a handmade wooden altar adorned with lush greenery plucked from a local personal garden and then added that same greenery intertwined into the chandeliers above. It brought the focus onto the altar but also brought the ceiling visually closer with the greenery added in the same as the altar. And of course, they had my favorite LED pillar candles. (If you don't know, LED pillar candles come with remotes, so I can walk across the room "lighting" candles from afar like a magician!). But since the couple had a floral budget under $3500, making such a dramatic change with certain greenery would have cost them a fortune. However, their florist knew of a local plant that gave the big impact without the overwhelming cost of a more well known greenery like eucalyptus.

So, let your florist know what your vision is and then listen to their expert advice to get those most for your budget.

And now, for the who and where to get your wedding flowers for your wedding. This is the list of the best of the best and the florists that I trust over and over to do the most amazing things for my couples.

Blooms Botanica

Thibodeaux's Floral Studio

Bee's Wedding and Event Designs


Something Borrowed Blooms (Rental or Purchase Silk Florals):

use the link: and at checkout,

use code PENNYWELL to get $32 off any order $250 or more.

Now, go forth and conquer those wedding florals!

You and your pro-florist are going to make beautiful, fragrant memories!

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